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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
After a big refurbishment we’ve just seen that this pub has reopened as the upmarket-sounding Oak & Pastor. Certainly all traces of the Drum and Monkey have been entirely removed. Some beautiful tiling advertising 'Smith Garratts Special Mild', which was briefly exposed during the renovation, has now been almost entirely repainted over again in a studious black. We'll get there to give it a review soon.
And we're pleased to report that it is doing well - good selection of beers, food well presented and good value.
Lots going on - check out the website for details: http://oakandpastor.com/
Good pub.
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08 Oct 2012
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This pub is absolutely outstanding. The decor is so warm and friendly and they have a real fire burning in the corner which is just amazing on a lazy sunday afternoon. The selection of drinks is outstanding just as well as the food, and all very fairly priced. I went to the comedy night a few weeks ago and must say was great entertainment, and was free to watch to. And last but not least the music is excellent in the Oak & Pastor, ranging from relaxed jazz and classical on those lazy afternoons to some of you're favourite current tracks on a friday and saturday night.
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22 May 2012
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Simply wonderful pub, beautifully renovated with moreish beers and delicious grub. Lovely covered back garden too. I had my 30th birthday bash upstairs in The Vestry just under a month ago and the staff were so friendly and helpful. Highly recommended, by far the best pub in the area.. a jewel in Archway's crown ;)
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14 May 2012
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I had my fortieth birthday party at the Oak and Pastor last Saturday night and I can't say I have ever hosted an event which went as smoothly and stress-free as this one. James and staff were AMAZING!!...friendly, helpful - kind. They took care of all the little details that makes an event extra special. The food at the Oak and Pastor is delicious. They seem to cater for every conceivable taste - imaginative vegetarian fare, as well as fish and meat and salads. They also cater for appetites large and small. They have a great wine menu - and even the house wine was ace. There is also, of course a very interesting selection of beers, ciders and lagers.

The atmosphere at the Oak and Pastor is relaxed and incredibly welcoming. There are smiles all round - the punters look happy and well cared for - and there seems to be a small and very friendly regular crowd, as well as people dropping in for a couple of drinks.

The decor is marvelous - all red velvet curtains and nooks and crannies in which to get lost or have that intimate drink with an interesting stranger...

I love this pub and I shall go back again and again. I cannot reccommend it highly enough. Just brilliant!!!
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17 Apr 2012
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I recently had my husbands 30th birthday party at The Vestry at The Oak and Pastor. We were thrilled with the service we received from start to finish. Both James and Lauren, the two managers, were increadibly helpful in the run up to the party and the friendly staff were excellent on the night. Both the food and drink prices were reasonable, we had a buffet for our guests and everyone commented on how tasty the food was and there was a nice selection of different bites. The whole place has a great, warm atmosphere, is beautifully decorated with attention to detail and has so much characted with quirky touches everywhere. The Vestry was the perfect size for us with enough room to dance. I would recommend The Oak and Pastor to anyone having a party and will definitely be going back for a drink and Sunday roast with friends soon. Thanks to everyone at The Oak and Pastor for a fantastic, memorable night.

Lauren and Stephen
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25 Feb 2012
Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Very comfortable pub. Friendly staff. Table service. Reasonably priced. Decent menu; eaten there several times and always been good. Wide range of beer. Nice relaxed Sunday evening quiz. :o)
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13 Nov 2011
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We just had a lovely afternoon at our new local! Amazing food, great friendly atmosphere and lovely staff. Cant wait to go back!
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11 Nov 2011
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They have done a great job on the renovation. Looks and feels brilliant inside. Hasnt been ruined by stripping it all back to basics. Great real fire, very friendly helpful staff which makes a big difference to a place. And good food. Not yet managed to make a music/quiz or event night but I will do.
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20 Jul 2011
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How nice to see a pub re-born.This pub is now in a class of its own. Lovely décor welcoming staff and well done to all that worked on the project it is now a little gem and I shall be enjoying good times there again. Well done everybody it is a jewel in the crown for junction road Clive & Tom

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86 Junction Road, Archway, London, N19 5QZ
0208 6160943
Opening times
Sun - wed
12.00pm - 11.30pm

12.00pm - 12.00pm

Friday - Saturday
12.00pm - 12.45pm
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 The origins of this building can be traced back to the 19th century; the first record being a public house in 1889 when it was christened the Junction Arms. During the second world war this building was damaged by the bombing, however only suffered minor damage to the exterior structure.

幸运飞艇快三平台 In 1964 the Junction Arms became the Drum & Monkey, The tenant instigated the story behind this unusual name, at the time owning an ornament depicting a Drum & Monkey...

So the years have gone by, The Oak & Pastor has passed through many hands, Had many diffrent personalitys, Seen many diffrent things...So many stroies could be told-If only this dear old pub could talk!

幸运飞艇快三平台 This is just a brief insight to the history of a nearly 200 year old pub and what it has to offer, Its time for another story to be told, Heres to the future, The next chapter awaits us, we hope you enjoys it as we do!


幸运飞艇快三平台 Eat, Drink, Enjoy x


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